Season 2 Episode 1: Link Sausage

By Craig Thorburn - January 05, 2019

Hello again and welcome to season 2 of Full Scottish Breakfast!

After some station difficulties which looked like today's show wasn't going to happen, the first Full Scottish Breakfast on 88.1FM finally started at 11:30am this morning.  Throughout the whole of January you can hear the show at the later start time of 11am for an extended two hour show on WMUC-FM!

Today's show was a typical start-of-season variety show with music from strong female solo artist KT Tunstall, Amy Macdonald; folks singers Emily Smith, Julie Fowlis and Karine Polwart; and of course the mandatory first episode Proclaimers song.

New Web Address!

You might have noticed that the URL at the top of the page has changed!  You can now find this website at  I'll continue posting show archives and playlists here. 

New Music

Not much new music for this show although we did have the Full Scottish Breakfast first play of a Fratellis single from September.  Originally included as a bonus track to the Japanese version of the March album 'In Your Own Sweet Time', Let's Go is definitely a strong song to rock along to (I have to admit I was dancing around the studio) showing the band still has the powerful vibe 13 years after the Chelsea Dagger classic.

Today also included the second single from the late November SAINT PHNX 2-track release - 'Death Of Me'.  The darker side to the other song 'Deadmen', it's definitely worth a listen.  The music video to the track was just released yesterday and  you can find it here.

I hope you can join next week where I'll be diving more into Scottish Dance music!

Track Listing

Hearts Of Olden Glory - Runrig
Ailein Duinn - Capercaillie
Daydream - The XCERTS
Heart And Soul - Twin Atlantic
Making Waves (Reimagined) - Fatherson
Human Being - KT Tunstall
Mr Rock & Roll - Amy MacDonald
Stay Out - Nina Nesbitt
Magic - Simple Minds
Glimpse Of Love (Nightwave 6am Remix) - Franz Ferdinand
Let's Go! - The Fratellis
Tempt My Trouble - Bishop Briggs
Death Of Me - SAINT PHNX
Little Lies - Annie Booth
Twa Sisters - Emily Smith
Better Things - Karine Polwart
The Fairy King's Courtship - Malinky
You Make Me Happy - The Proclaimers
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers

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